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With more than 2,000 titles in print, Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. is world-renowned as a publisher of study guides and educational resources for students of all ages. Barron’s Foreign Language Guides cover a multitude of languages from American Sign Language to Turkish, and provide language learners with a wide range of tools, including books, audio products, and online resources. Whether you’re learning a language at home, in the classroom, or looking for help when travelling abroad, Barron’s provides the solutions to all your language needs.

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Berlitz Publishing is the unparalleled language-learning market leader, providing the global community with the skills needed to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Berlitz covers 30 world languages through audio programs, phrase books and dictionaries, and complements this offering with travel guides and maps featuring more than 60 international destinations.

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Cambridge University Press is a world-leading publisher of English learning materials. Expert authors write all of the content in our apps.

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Chambers is one of the world's most respected dictionary publishers, appealing particularly to word lovers and those who revel in all the quirks of the English language. Its extensive list of innovative language and reference titles covers English-language dictionaries and thesauruses for every level of user from school to crossword fan, from English learner to student of slang. Meticulously researched and expertly written, the highly acclaimed Chambers range has been at the forefront of presenting knowledge and learning in an engaging and accessible way since it was first established in the 19th century.

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Collins has been at the forefront of dictionary publishing for over 175 years and is one of the world’s most respected and market leading dictionary and language learning publishers. Collins uses the most up-to-date technology to monitor language usage around the world so that our dictionaries reflect the way language is spoken today. With all its heritage and expertise Collins prides itself on delivering up-to-date, accessible and innovative language products to meet the needs of all users from students to professionals in print, online or via mobile; it is for these reasons Collins dictionary products remain a top choice for generations of users.

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Duden language technology together with its partners in industry and science carries out research and development projects in the fields of knowledge management and computer linguistics. Duden’s spelling and grammar are regarded as trend-setting and leading on the market. The products developed by Duden cover the most comprehensive and profoundly edited word-list. The company’s portfolio includes dictionaries and reference books, guides, exercise books, as well as the the award winning Duden Rechtschreibung.

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Enciclopèdia Catalana


A series of the most complete, rich and practical monolingual and bilingual dictionaries of Catalan from Enciclopèdia Catalana, authoritative publisher of thematic, encyclopaedic and complementary dictionaries. For everyday use in all spheres of personal and professional life.

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The Focalbeo dictionary is the product of several years of comprehensive research. At this stage it is a comprehensive and definitive English-Irish-English Dictionary. It consists of an English-Irish dictionary and a reverse Irish-English dictionary that work together to provide fast and accurate Irish language translation.

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The Publishing House Hoepli was founded in 1870 by Ulrico Hoepli (Tuttwil, Switzerland 1847 - Milan 1935). The publishing business has developed from the outset with particular attention to the technical and scientific fields. Currently operates in the handbooks, educational publishing, university and professional, information technology, business, legal codes and dictionaries.

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K Dictionaries


Creator of quality dictionary content and tools, covering over 40 languages for all digital media, cooperating worldwide with leading publishing houses, technology, information and learning firms, universities and professional associations.

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For more than 150 years Langenscheidt has published a wide range of products all dealing with languages in the form of books, ebooks, downloads and apps. Ranging from dictionaries contributing to global understanding and communication abroad, at school, college or work, to language courses for adults and picture books for children, or simply entertaining reading about hilarious translations and cultural misunderstandings.

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Le Robert


Le Robert, present in digital publishing since 1989, provides expertise in the integration of language technologies and the creation of multilingual solutions for business, government, schools and the general public. The company offers quality solutions to both optimize and adapt the writing assistance and translation to the specific needs of customers. The digital dictionaries by Le Robert are used in over 35 countries by more than three million people.

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Lexikon 2k


Lexikon 2k Publisher started in 1990 as collaboration between a small group of people who had been developing a freeware – a free software solution which could allow users to look up words quicker than books and to translate from Swedish to foreign languages. The Swedish page for this solution was one of the first public Internet pages made in Sweden. Having lookup, translation and wordlist extension features in it, that early dictionary software was a success. Since its foundation, Lexikon 2k has been focusing on young people who need to find a single word on the spot. Top priority is dictionaries, education materials and tourism. Lexikon 2k has been improving its materials and the dictionaries wordlists are being populated with modern vocabulary. The publisher has been producing only online materials.

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Librairie Orientale


The "Librairie Orientale SAL", Beirut, created in 1946 was managed by late Mr. Bechara Nehme. In 1999, his son, Maroun, became the CEO of the Company. "Librairie Orientale" is the exclusive distributor of " Dar el-Machreq " and "Dar Al Majani" publications. These two publishers occupy an important place in the Middle East publishing market.

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Vocab Publishing has been developing Magnus bilingual translation dictionaries since 1996. The company was among the first companies in the Czech Republic who launched electronic versions of small dictionaries and electronic textbooks of business correspondence into the Czech market. The small databases have been extended gradually and now they become one of the largest databases of specialized vocabulary on the Czech market. This vocabulary is so broad that it covers almost all areas of human activities. Therefore it became indispensable tool of students as well as professionals, from translators, interpreters to scientists and top managers.

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Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin is the oldest and largest leading privately owned publishing and distribution house of Arabic books and educational materials in the Arab world. It is also the first and major Arabic electronic multimedia producer company in the Arab world. Several of Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin's books have become record-breaking best sellers. These include: "Al Mawrid English-Arabic dictionary", and "Al Mawrid Arabic-English dictionary", both universally acknowledged and considered as the most popular and authoritative Arabic bilingual dictionaries; and "Alif Baa El Tabkh", and "Halwayat El Alam Fi Baytik", the most popular Arabic cookery books in the world.

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The Mondadori Group is one of the top publishing companies in Europe. It is Italy’s biggest book and magazine publisher and the third largest in the consumer magazine segment in France. Mondadori’s activities also include advertising, digital, radio, retailing and direct marketing. Since its foundation in 1907, Mondadori’s mission has always been to encourage the diffusion of culture and ideas, with a range of products that covers all areas and appeals to all readers, combining a love for culture and editorial quality with the laws of the market and a capacity to identify and anticipate changes while respecting and protecting of the values that underlie the role of the publisher in civil society.

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Myjmk went online in 2001 and was the first Spanish-German online dictionary. With almost 300000 translations is one of the largest Spanish-German online dictionaries. The language corpus is constantly under extension and revision through a professional author community. The authors are located in several German or Spanish speaking countries which also guarantees the adoption of local language characteristics. Additionally the corpus holds a large volume of phrases and common expressions.

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Oxford University Press


OUP is the world's largest university press, with a wide global reach. It currently publishes more than 6,000 new publications a year, has a presence in around fifty countries, and employs more than 5,000 people worldwide. It has become familiar to millions through a diverse publishing programme that includes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, school and college textbooks, children's books, materials for teaching English as a foreign language, business books, dictionaries and reference books, and academic journals.

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PONS has been developing green materials for learning languages for life for over 30 years: from classic dictionaries and grammar aids to audio and software language courses right up to free online services.

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The history of Redhouse dictionaries goes back to the year 1861. Sir James Redhouse, an English orientalist who spent years living in the Ottoman Empire, published his English-Turkish dictionary A Lexicon: English and Turkish in 1861 in Istanbul. Later, he published the complementary Turkish-English dictionary Turkish and English Lexicon in 1890. Redhouse dictionaries have continued to be regularly updated and published in expanded versions, preserving the well-respected name in the area of English-Turkish/Turkish-English dictionary publishing.

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Richmond is an international ELT publisher. It offers an increasing range of titles for young learners, teenagers and adults from general English course books to exam preparation and graded readers. Richmond is commited to the development of appropiate and innovative teaching materials and to teacher training. Richmond has specialized in innovative English Language Teaching materials since 1992 when it was born as a new division of Grupo Santillana - part of Grupo Prisa.

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Our passion is to create cutting-edge digital dictionaries that leverage the expertise of the world’s leading publishers: Berlitz Publishing, Duden, Encyclopaedia Britannica, HarperCollins, Langenscheidt, Merriam-Webster, Oxford University Press and PONS, among others. Slovoed portfolio includes 180+ electronic dictionaries, encyclopedias and phrase books in the widest combination of over 35 world languages. Whether used for business, travel or learning, Slovoed reference applications provide the next-generation features and quality reference content that will take you farther than ever.

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Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1989, TransLegal has become the world leader in Legal English. Our in-house staff of lawyer-linguists provides a wide range of products and services to the international legal community, including the World Law Dictionary, Legal English testing, online Legal English courses and resources, live seminars and training, translation and proofreading of legal documents, and the publication of Legal English materials. Every year, TransLegal’s products and services help tens of thousands of legal professionals around the world improve their Legal English.

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Van Dale


Van Dale Uitgevers is de meest toonaangevende en gezaghebbende uitgever van woordenboeken in Nederland en België. Van Dale verzorgt een groot en gevarieerd aanbod met tientallen titels op taalgebied om taalgebruikers effectief te ondersteunen. Met zorgvuldigheid en respect beschrijft Van Dale de taal zo compleet mogelijk, niet alleen het Nederlands, maar ook vreemde talen.

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VOX imprint has a deep know how in Spanish language lexicography, but also in bilingual dictionaries to other languages. VOX's range of Spanish dictionaries covers the specific needs of users from primary school through secondary and higher education, without forgetting the general dictionary buying public.

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DROFA Publishing House is one of the biggest scientific and educational centers in Russia. It has been releasing high-quality competitive educational products for more than 20 years, pursuing, at the same time, the state-posed policy of intensive social development. Drofa products are officially approved by Russian Ministry of Education for use in state schools of secondary education.

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Международные отношения


Big Financial English-Russian-English Dictionary database is powered by "Mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya". Up-to-date specialist vocabulary from fields including commercial language, banking and finance, stock markets, sales & marketing, economics and business administration etc.

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Словари ХХI века

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XXI Century Dictionaries are based on the latest research, considering traditional and the most recent Russian linguistic approaches. The dictionaries reflect all changes and processed that have been taking place in the Russian language for several decades. The dictionaries embody scientific breakthroughs in Russian linguistics and provide the most detailed information about a word, illustrating the logiscs and laws of the system, where the word functions.

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Smooth Operator LLC


Dictionaries for Dentistry Specialists and Maxillofacial Surgeons (English-Russian, Russian-English and English-German, German-English) by Sergey Starodubov.<br>

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Spanish dictionaries by Dr. Guenrikh Turover


Dr. Guenrikh Turover (born May 7, 1931), Russian and Soviet authoritative scientist and linguist, is well known for his outstanding input in Romanic languages research. He founded and headed the Department of Romanic languages Translation and Interpretations since 1962. Dr. Turover was awarded the “interprète chevronné” title of honor for a long and fruitful work as an interpreter for UNO, UNESCO, WHO and WIPO.

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Словенско-русские словари


Новое издание словенско-русского словаря редакции А. Кузнецова содержит более 32 000 словарных статей современного словенского литературного языка, используемого в художественной, общественно-политической и научно-технической литературе.

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