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Our passion is to create cutting-edge digital dictionaries that leverage the expertise of the world’s leading publishers: Berlitz Publishing, Duden, Encyclopaedia Britannica, HarperCollins, Langenscheidt, Merriam-Webster, Oxford University Press and PONS, among others.
Slovoed portfolio includes 180+ electronic dictionaries, encyclopedias and phrase books in the widest combination of over 35 world languages. Whether used for business, travel or learning, Slovoed reference applications provide the next-generation features and quality reference content that will take you farther than ever.

Slovoed_com_classic Slovoed Classic

Intermediate-level dictionaries of general vocabulary for school children.


Slovoed_com_compact Slovoed Compact

Light-weight dictionaries of essential vocabulary for language beginners and travelers.


Slovoed_com_deluxe Slovoed Deluxe

Upper-Intermediate and advanced level dictionaries with general vocabulary for high school and college students, as well for professionals, working with foreign languages.


Slovoed_com_learners Slovoed Learner's

Aimed at in-depth language studies, Slovoed Learner’s dictionaries provide unique premium reference content with unsurpassed lexical materials. It is an indispensable tool for studying foreign languages at any stage and level.


Slovoed_com_grand Slovoed Grand

Dictionaries for language professionals, translators, linguists, etc. with the widest coverage of general vocabulary.


Slovoed_com_thematic Slovoed Thematic

Subject area dictionaries offer users the widest coverage of meanings, usage examples and terminology translations in particular areas. Slovoed Thematic dictionary series include automative, medical, law, financial and other in-depth, industry-related linguistic content.


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Awarded “BEST OF 2016 - INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT” by Initiative Mittelstand

Paragon Software Group is proud to announce that the company was recognized for its advanced technologies and progressive solutions in the digital world. Our Android app “Slovoed Dictionaries” received IT Innovation Award from Initiative Mittelstand and was named “Best of 2016“ in the Apps category.

We are honored to be acknowledged for our innovative thinking and will continue to strike for the best and create the future!


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