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Slovoed Corporate clients

Do you represent an international company and you need to build effective communications of office employees around the world? Or maybe you head the translation agency? Lead an international hotel network? Or do you have your own travel agency? In any case, a reliable and convenient dictionary is the key to success in learning languages ​​and building effective communications in an international company. We offer a flexible licensing scheme and the best dictionaries for 40+ languages ​​from the world's leading publishing houses.

Available for

Advantageous offers, special conditions for state and non-profit organizations, an individual approach to each user ... and this is not all!

Slovoed Universities

In an era of innovation and advanced technology, more and more students and teachers are trying to keep up with the times, gradually abandoning the traditional ways of obtaining information in favor of mobile applications, as it is convenient, fast and modern

It's no a secret that learning any language is a long and time-consuming process. However, we found the enjoyable way to dramatically improve the process of memorization of grammatical forms, pronunciation and spelling. Slovoed dictionaries will make the process of language learning more efficient, easy and affordable. Try and appreciate the convenience of authoritative dictionaries based on Slovoed technology!

For schools, colleges, high schools and universities we offer special conditions and the extended trial period.

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