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Van Dale German <> Dutch Dictionary Pro
• Type, paste, write, dictate or scan your word: all entry methods are available to you. We will continue the search when you tap on a word in an entry.
• This dictionary contains approximately 236,000 entries, 293,000 meanings and 174,000 examples.
• Including elaborate information, such as conjugations, example sentences and extra in-depth texts.
• Use the Word Trainer for learning a language. Select words from the dictionary to test yourself.
• A language not only written, but also spoken. The pronunciation of German words is written in phonotype and you can also listen to the correct pronunciation of many German words.
• While you are typing words, the best matches are already shown. This way, you often don’t need to type an entire word.
• Turn the dictionary inside out: do a full-text search to find words and examples in entries as well.
• Uncertain about how a word is written? Typing wrongly spelled words is not a problem with similar word search . We will also find words that are similar to the one you have typed.
• Fill in a form of a word and we’ll show you the stem of that word. You will also find practical schedules with word forms in the descriptions of words.
• Use wildcards instead of letters or search for anagrams. This way, you can search with even more results and you have a useful aid for puzzles and word games.
• Go into detail: find specific words within an article.
• Use the share option directly from Chrome or an active app to quickly search one or more words 
• Your search history is saved (and can be deleted easily!) Would you like to keep your find? Simply put words in your own favourites list.
• This app can be used in a Dutch or an English interface. It can be used on both phones and tablets, in portrait or landscape mode. The font size can be adjusted to your own taste.
• This dictionary is installed on your memory card and doesn’t require an internet connection after installation. This way, there are no unexpected costs.
Originally developed for professional users, this is the largest and most extensive bilingual dictionary German-Dutch/Dutch-German in the Dutch-speaking regions. The true grandeur is not in the numbers, though. The detail of description of words, including many examples and other contextual information, is unsurpassed. This elaborate dictionary is the best choice for professional use, for studies at the highest level and for highly critical home users. Van Dale dictionaries are aimed at Dutch spoken users.
60.49 $ *
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