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Cambridge Learner's Dictionary Turkish
Perfect for Turkish learners of English, this Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary app offers audio pronunciations in both British and American English. Developed using the unique Cambridge Learner Corpus of written and spoken English, the app comes with tips on how to avoid typical errors made by Turkish learners and a thesaurus to help you build your vocabulary.
Key features

• Turkish translations for 20,000 English words and phrases. 
• English Vocabulary Profile levels to help you prioritize your vocabulary learning.
• 25,000 examples from the 1.5-billion-word Cambridge English Corpus show how words work in typical contexts.
• Audio pronunciations let you hear the words spoken in both British and American English.
• 50 most common errors made by Turkish speakers, explained in Turkish.
• Thesaurus feature helps you to learn different words with the same meaning.
• Extra app features let you create flash cards to quiz yourself, save favourite words, and save your search histories.

Search and navigation features

• Full text search feature lets you look up words efficiently throughout the whole dictionary, including usage examples
• Smart lookup lists similar words in case you misspell your search, and helps find words in any grammatical form 
• Multiple clipboard lookup: Copy as many words as you need when you’re reading, paste into the app, and view all the entries for your words 
• Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters.
• Search for anagrams (e.g., tab-bat)
• Hyperlinks between entries
• PenReader multilingual handwriting recognition support

12.99 $ *
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