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Polish <-> English Berlitz Basic Dictionary
Dictionary contains around 43,000 entries (140,000 headwords, expressions and translations), both translation directions (English <-> Polish), an up-to-date vocabulary.
Find the right translation instantly. No matter where you are, the simple and intuitive search function in Berlitz Basic Dictionaries will help you find the right translation every time. The ideal all-round dictionary app for work, travel and every day.

Berlitz Basic Dictionary English-Polish / Polish-English

• Around 43,000 entries (140,000 headwords, expressions and translations)
• Translates from and into English (English-Polish / Polish-English)
• Up-to-date vocabulary
• Information on grammar and spelling variants
• For everyday use, business and travel

Application features

• New for iOS 8: You can now look up words while reading in Safari. Highlight any text and send it to the dictionary via the “Share” button. Please first enable the dictionary as a Safari 'extension'.
• New! Multiple clipboard look-up: copy multiple words (or even a whole text) to clipboard and look it up in the app word for word.
• Graphics fully adapted for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
• New! Improved launch performance: 3 times faster startup time
• No Internet connection necessary: dictionary can be used in flight mode, no roaming charges abroad.
• Recordings by native speakers.
• Search for anagrams (e. g. tab-bat).
• Full-text search: Find examples with perfect ease.
• List of similar words produced if search item spelled incorrectly.
• Wildcard search finds entries even when correct spelling is not known.
• Full search history available.
• Inflexion function for search words in all grammatical forms (for English, German, Spanish, French, Russian).
• Quiz for vocabulary learning.
• Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words.
• Choose your own display options: menus, fonts, colours, etc.
• Links for translating items within entries.
• Improved menu navigation.
• Keep up to date: subscribe to our newsletter, become a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter.

19.99 $ *
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