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Langenscheidt Professional-Wörterbuch Spanisch
With Langenscheidt Professional Dictionaries, you’ll always have a reliable and extensive reference work to hand. Ideal for professional translations at work or college, as well as for travel and everyday use.
Langenscheidt dictionaries - dictionaries, phrasebooks and reference products for school, home, office, and travel from the most internationally renowned and leading publishers in the fields of Languages.

Langenscheidt Professional-Wörterbuch Spanisch

• Around 675,000 headwords, expressions and translations
• Translates from and into German (German<->Spanish)
• Up-to-date vocabulary from all general language style levels
• Extensive specialist terminology from all major fields
• Additional information: examples of use, indicators showing distinctions between various meanings, grammar explanations
• A comprehensive reference work for professional translations at the workplace , for teachers and students

Dictionary features

• Animated browsing.
• Use system copy-and-paste function to copy words to the clipboard for translation.
• Hyperlinks between articles and directions.
• Landscape-mode support.
• No Internet connection required: simply download the dictionary once and use it on your Windows Phone device without any additional expense.
• Add frequently used entries to Favorites.
• Pin the most important entries to the start screen of your device for even quicker reference.

49.99 $ *
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Approved content rating

IT Innovation 2015 award

Langenscheidt Schulwörterbuch Box dictionary apps have been awarded with the IT Innovation 2015 award “Best of 2015” in the “Mobile Apps” category by the German industry association Initiative Mittelstand. Initiative Mittelstand is a network of industry leaders, scientists, IT-experts and media representatives whose goal is to foster innovation and to help companies to compete successfully in a highly interconnected global marketplace.