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Langenscheidt Słownik CLASSIC polsko <-> francuski
Brakuje ci właściwego słowa? Teraz możesz znaleźć je w ciągu kilku sekund! Bez względu na to, gdzie jesteś i co robisz, prosta i intuicyjna w obsłudze wyszukiwarka tego słownika pozwoli ci błyskawicznie przetłumaczyć potrzebne słówko. Słownik CLASSIC francusko-polski, polsko-francuski to aplikacja, która ułatwi pracę, pomoże w podróży i przyda się w codziennym życiu!
Are you at a loss for an appropriate word? Now you can find it within a few seconds! No matter where you are and what you are doing, this dictionary's user-friendly and intuitive browser will enable you to instantly translate the word you need. The CLASSIC French-Polish and Polish-French Dictionary is an application that will facilitate your work, help you on your trip, and come in handy in everyday life!

The CLASSIC French-Polish and Polish-French Dictionary

• Approx. 30,000 entries comprising 120,000 words and phrases
• Up-to-date vocabulary
• Information on grammar and spelling variations
• Indispensable in everyday use, either at work or on a trip

What’s New: Easy copy-and-paste functions allow unknown words or phrases to be copied from an active application like the web browser or email to the clipboard, and automatically translated by switching back to dictionary. Translate all clipboard contents – whether one word or several words at a time!

Search and translate Features

• Three new integrated input methods make dictionary use more convenient than ever.  Search by voice using Google Voice recognition service (Available for OS 2.2 and higher), take a picture of the text and translate it with Google Goggles, or enter the word in your own handwriting with Paragon’s PenReader handwriting recognition software.
• Look up unfamiliar words in dictionary directly from the home screen! The dictionary provides translations in a Quick Search Box alongside other search results.
• French Morphology module helps to translate words in any grammatical form.
• List of similar words is displayed in case of misspelling.
• Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using Wildcard Search.

Learning Features

• French audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.
• Integrate dictionary with the Flash Cards application and quiz yourself with words you have added from the dictionary.
• Test yourself with a Word of the day widget on your Home screen. A random entry from the dictionary is changed daily (Menu->Settings->Install widget)
• Manage Word of the day widget settings: select dictionary direction, font size and update period (manual or automatic).

Interface Features

• Dictionary installation on SD card to save space of your device (Available for OS 2.2 and higher).
• Enhanced customization options allow you to choose background color. Black, white and sepia themes are available (Menu -> Settings)
• Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort (Menu -> Settings).
• Report bugs, request features and send feedback to Google Play or the Paragon development team quickly and conveniently with the new integrated support feature (Menu -> Information).
• Automatically switching translation directions using the language of the word entered.
• Hyperlinks between related articles and directions.
• Search History feature shows the last 20 words looked up.
• No Internet connection required.

15.99 $ *
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IT Innovation 2015 award

Langenscheidt Schulwörterbuch Box dictionary apps have been awarded with the IT Innovation 2015 award “Best of 2015” in the “Mobile Apps” category by the German industry association Initiative Mittelstand. Initiative Mittelstand is a network of industry leaders, scientists, IT-experts and media representatives whose goal is to foster innovation and to help companies to compete successfully in a highly interconnected global marketplace.