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PASSWORD English Dictionary for Speakers of Norwegian
The world-famous semi-bilingual dictionary, designed especially for intermediate-level Afrikaans learners of English. Entries include definitions in simple English, examples of usage, grammatical information, derivatives and expressions, along with 40,000 translations in Norwegian. 
The inflections (plural forms and verb conjugations) are hyperlinked to the main entry word, and there is human-voice pronunciation of the words and phrases (highlighting differences between American and British English, as appropriate).

The app features include

∙ Advanced search functions in English or your own language, including full text, wildcard, fuzzy search, as well as of various grammatical word forms
∙ Translate from other applications
∙ On-screen dictionary keyboard for more than 25 languages
∙ Audio human-voice pronunciations, highlighting differences between American and British English
∙ List of favorite words
∙ List of English irregular verbs
∙ Offline-use enabled
∙ Search history
∙ Customizable settings
∙ Support for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and higher.
4.99 $ *
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