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Deluxe English-Polish & Polish-English Dictionary
Polish <> English Dictionary Slovoed Deluxe ‒ perfect vocabulary and #1 Dictionary technology in the World combined in one app! Works offline

***App unique functionality and 100 sample entries available for preview before purchase***
Dictionary content: 

• Both language directions: Polish -> English and English -> Polish
• Current, up-to-date vocabulary with over 42,840 words, titles, phrases
• 51,189 English audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers

Explore the App Intelligence 

• Alphabetic Search 
• Full Text Search looks up a word in the whole dictionary content: headwords, idioms, usage examples
• Anagram Search, e.g. charm - march
• Wildcard Search, unsure of exact word spelling - replace missing letters with “?” or “*” symbols 
• Similar Words, in case of misspelling
• Search within articles

Translate words inside and out the app 

• FBReader, AlReader, Ebook Reader Support. Reading books in foreign languages is now easier than ever!
• Clipboard look-up. Copy text while browsing and see dictionary definitions next time you open the app
• Share Support. Highlight text, send it to the app, and see the word translations 
• English morphology module finds a word translation from any its grammatical inflection
• Hyperlinks between entries
27.49 $ *
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Approved contend rating

Awarded “BEST OF 2016 - INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT” by Initiative Mittelstand

Paragon Software Group is proud to announce that the company was recognized for its advanced technologies and progressive solutions in the digital world. Our Android app “Slovoed Dictionaries” received IT Innovation Award from Initiative Mittelstand and was named “Best of 2016“ in the Apps category.

We are honored to be acknowledged for our innovative thinking and will continue to strike for the best and create the future!