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New offline English-Russian dictionaries from Collins Dictionaries
New offline English-Russian dictionaries from Collins Dictionaries, UK, for all levels of English or Russian language learners

FREIBURG, Germany, April 2017
- Collins Dictionaries together with Paragon Software Group, the leader in the development of dictionaries for mobile devices and personal computers, announce the release of three English-Russian Collins dictionaries for the iOS platform: Collins English-Russian Dictionary, Collins Pocket English-Russian Dictionary and Collins GEM English-Russian Dictionary. Each app is designed for different levels of English from basic to intermediate through to advanced.

Collins dictionaries are the result of more than 100 years of lexicographic expertise. Each entry is the product of expert analysis of language use and is designed to provide all the information a learner needs. In every Collins dictionary there is a grammar module that will help English-speaking users to access Russian grammar.

In addition to the exceptional content, these mobile applications are based on the Slovoed dictionary technology and offer users the following unique opportunities for learning a foreign language:
• Morphology module finds a word in any grammatical form
• Audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers
• Full text search looks up for a word in the whole dictionary content: headwords, idioms and usage examples
• Search for anagrams, e.g. charm - march
• Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Replace the missing letters with “?” and “*” symbols
• Similar words in case of misspelling
• Clipboard look-up. Copy text while reading and see the dictionary definitions next time you open the app
• iOS Share Support. Highlight the text and send to the app to learn words’ translations • Flash Card Quiz to memorize new words and test your knowledge
• Hyperlinks between entries  

Each Collins application is also equipped with a PenReader handwriting recognition system for more comfortable typing of search queries by the user, and Handy Converter with the ability to translate units of measurement. Collins applications do not require an Internet connection.  

System requirements
: iOS 8.0 and higher

Availability: Dictionaries Collins are free applications with the option of built-in purchase for 9.99 – 24.99 USD.  

Collins Russian Dictionary

Collins Russian Pocket Dictionary
Collins Gem Russian Dictionary

About Collins dictionaries

For almost 200 years, Collins dictionaries have been a leading publisher of bilingual and monolingual dictionaries in Britain, Europe and the world. Innovative technology that monitors the development and change of languages ​​around the world allows each Collins dictionary to reflect exactly the living language spoken today.

About Paragon Software Group

Paragon Software is a leading reference app developer. Its mobile product portfolio includes more than 1,500 electronic dictionaries, encyclopedias, and phrase books in the widest combination of over 35 languages, with databases provided by the world’s leading publishing houses, such as Duden, Langenscheidt, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, PONS, Van Dale, VOX, and others. For more info, please visit

Press contact:
Katia Shabanova
Paragon Software Group
+ 49,761 59018,181