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Oxford University Press introduces its first mobile dictionary app for German speakers and upgrades two others for its biggest markets.
Oxford University Press is releasing three new dictionary apps specifically developed for English learners in key global regions, with one of the apps becoming available for the first time ever and the other two being re-released. 

The apps, the Diccionario Oxford Pocket (for Spanish-speaking learners of English), the Dicionário Oxford Escolar (for Brazilian-learners of English), and the Oxford Klausur-Wörterbuch (for German-speaking learners of English) will provide students and teachers with all the benefits of a localised English language resource, along with some of the most effective enhancements that mobile technology can offer.

Each app offers users the chance to record and improve their own English speaking skills, with thousands of pre-recorded model pronunciations, and the highly-prized Oxford 3000 feature which shows the most important English words for learners selected by experts. The Klausur-Wörterbuch is particularly notable in this case for being the first ever Oxford dictionary mobile app for German-speaking learners of English.

With this news, Oxford adds to its collection of dictionary resources for English learners and teachers. The new app joins a list already helping Arabic and Italian speaking learners of English, along with the previous versions of the Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese dictionaries. The addition also reflects a rapidly growing appetite internationally for mobile-ready educational resources.

The apps were developed with Oxford University Press' long-term collaborators,
Paragon Software. They were released on the 31st of January 2018 and are available on iOS and Android.

Availability: Oxford dictionaries are available via in-app purchase within Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries: Bilingual editions app for 19,99 GBP (21,99 EUR) in the App Store and for 16,66 GBP (22,99 EUR) in Google Play. The apps come with a free preview and can be tested for free.