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Spring Sale with Duden German Dictionaries
Start Spring and achieve your goals in learning German. Only from February 28th till March 6th get the most popular Duden dictionaries with a 30% discount: 

  • The German Spelling Dictionary, 27th Edition: 13,99 € (RRP 19,99 €)
  • The Dictionary of Synonyms, 6th Edition: 13,99 € (RRP 19,99 €)
  • The Dictionary of Correct Usage, 9th Edition: 13,99 € (RRP 19,99 €)
  • German Explanatory Dictionary, 7th Edition: 20,99 € (RRP 29,99 €)
 Duden German dictionaries explain the origin of German words, their meaning, spelling and usage. Learning German is now more convenient than ever! 

Available for 
iOS and Android.