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Lexikon 2K Swedish - for the most efficient communication and learning experience!
New Lexikon 2K Swedish dictionary app includes 13 Swedish bilingual dictionaries for European languages, such as Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian and others. Download the FREE trial app and try up to 50 entries for each direction. The dictionaries include the most common translations of contemporary Swedish with clear definitions. They are recommended for frequent travelers, business people and students. Try the app’s advanced features and experience different ways of looking up definitions, enjoy comfortable learning and customize personal settings.

About the publisher

Lexikon 2K Publisher started in 1995 as a small group of developers working on the first electronic dictionary to translate from Swedish to foreign languages. The Swedish page for this solution was one of the first public Internet pages made in Sweden. Since its foundation, Lexikon 2K has been focusing on young people who need to find a single word on the spot. Top priority is dictionaries, education materials and tourism. Lexikon 2K has been updating its dictionaries with modern vocabulary. Only online materials are produced.