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30% OFF Duden Dictionaries on World Thesaurus Day
Duden Publishing House has prepared a special gift for you on World Thesaurus Day: a 30% discount on all titles in the legendary Duden German dictionaries app:

• Duden – German Etymological Dictionary, 5th Edition
• Duden – The German Spelling Dictionary, 27th Edition
• Duden – The Dictionary of Correct Usage, 9th Edition
• Duden – The Dictionary of Foreign Words, 10th Edition
• Duden – The Dictionary of Synonyms, 6th Edition
• Duden – The Defining Dictionary, 4th Edition
• Duden – German Dictionary, 7th Edition

With Duden dictionaries you have unlimited opportunities in German language learning: find needed words and explore their meaning, spelling, pronunciation and etymology.

Extra 30% discount offer is also valid for Duden value pack! Offer lasts from January 18 - 25.

Available on iOS, Android and Mac.