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Alemán<->Español ESCOLAR Diccionario
El acompañante de confianza de PONS para la escuela, con 285.000 vocablos, expresiones y traducciones.

En la escuela, ¿escribes textos en lengua alemana, lees en alemán o aprendes palabras para el próximo examen? Para ello, ¿sueles buscar términos alemanes en el diccionario? 
El PONS Diccionario Alemán - Español ESCOLAR contiene el vocabulario realmente necesitas en clase, por lo que es la herramienta perfecta para ti.
The PONS Dictionary Spanish SCHOOL is with 285,000 keywords, phrases and translations the reliable companion for school!

Do you read and write German texts at school, or need to learn vocabulary for the next test? Do you often look up German words in the process?
The PONS Dictionary German-Spanish/Spanish-German SCHOOL contains the vocabulary you really need in school which makes it the perfect reference tool for you.
Who can really benefit from this app?

Any students from Year 5 up to graduation.

About the contents

• Current vocabulary containing more than 120,000 keywords and phrases and 165,000 translations
• Contains the current vocabulary of all school textbooks
• Avoid mistakes and learn systematically with highlighted basic vocabulary, tips on pronunciation, translation and culture
• With usage examples and lots of important information on grammar
• Bi-directional: German => Spanish and Spanish => German
• With IPA phonetics

What can the app do?

Search functions

• Looking up words couldn’t be easier – look-up without typing:
* Simply speak your search query into the device and your search word will immediately appear in the search box as a suggestion (only for smartphones with Google Voice Search).
* Simply write your search word in your own handwriting. You can use the entire space of the display screen. Your search word will appear in the search box as a suggestion.
• Search for Spanish keywords in any form you like (declined or conjugated).
• Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to spell a word – the similar words or wild card search function will find what you are looking for.
• The anagram search is an additional function that enables you to search for words with the same letters but in a different order.
• The full-text search allows you to find examples of use easily – search results are clearly displayed in both language directions at the same time.
• Searching within entries is possible and enables long entries to be searched quickly.
• Translate unknown words from any application, like a web browser or from an e-mail, simply by using the ‘Share’ button. This feature allows you to send copied text directly to the dictionary and displays the translation in a single click.

Learning functions

• Pronunciation: Listen to numerous keywords spoken by native speakers.
• Full linguistic information with declension and conjugation tables – making the app the perfect tool for anyone learning a foreign language (for Spanish).
• ‘Word of the Day’: this widget displays a new word every day on your home page. You can learn up to 365 new words a year without even trying.

Customizable user-interface functions

• The improved design of the user interface includes easy-to-use navigation and a search box, which make using the dictionary even easier.
• Font size and background colour may be adjusted individually.
• You can create and search your personal favourites.
• The app can also be fully installed on a memory card (available for OS 2.2 and higher).
• This application provides 100 % offline functionality. You do not incur any roaming charges.

14.99 € *
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