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Dictionnaires Redhouse

The history of Redhouse dictionaries goes back to the year 1861. Sir James Redhouse, an English orientalist who spent years living in the Ottoman Empire, published his English-Turkish dictionary A Lexicon: English and Turkish in 1861 in Istanbul. Later, he published the complementary Turkish-English dictionary Turkish and English Lexicon in 1890. Redhouse dictionaries have continued to be regularly updated and published in expanded versions, preserving the well-respected name in the area of English-Turkish/Turkish-English dictionary publishing.

The Redhouse Portable Dictionary English-Turkish/Turkish-English
6.99 € *
Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme
- 20000 prononciations
The Redhouse Dictionary English-Turkish / Turkish-English
11.89 € *
Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme
- 51189 prononciations
The Redhouse Pocket Dictionary English-Turkish/Turkish-English
3.59 € *
Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme
- 10000 prononciations
The New Redhouse Portable Dictionary English-Turkish / Turkish-English
6.99 € *
Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme