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Paragon Software Group ( is a technology company with many years of experience in creating operating systems (Paragon DOS), file system drivers (NTFS for Linux, NTFS for Mac), storage management technologies (Paragon Dedup), virtualization technologies (Paragon Go Virtual).
Directions of development: 
  • Hard Disk Manager. A product line for efficient and safe management of hard disks, data protection and recovery..
  • UFSD technology (Universal File System Driver). Drivers for the organization of access and data exchange between the most common operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, QNX.
  • Paragon Protect and Restore. Advanced technology of management, copying and data recovery for medium and small enterprises.
  • Slovoed. The most advanced and reliable dictionary technology in the world, which is based on constant market research and direct dialogue with the world's leading publishers and manufacturers of computer equipment.
  • PenReader and Paragon Graphometric Tool. Handwriting technology for electronic devices, supports more than 40 languages, can adapt to the individual features of the user's handwriting, and also collect unique characteristics for expert analysis of a person's portrait.
Paragon Software Group offices are located in Germany, USA, Japan, Poland, including several development centers in Russia.
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