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Oxford Learner’s Academic Dict
The Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English is now available as an app.  The dictionary helps students learn the words and phrases used in academic writing, and how to use them in their own academic written work.

Are you are learner of English who needs to do academic writing in English?

Understand the words and phrases used in academic writing. Learn how to use them in your own written work.

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English (OLDAE) is the learner’s dictionary that focuses exclusively on academic English. If you are a non-native English speaker studying an academic subject in English, this dictionary app will help you understand academic texts and will help you improve your own academic writing.

Key features

• 22,000 words, phrases and meanings clearly explained, with the focus on their usage in academic writing
• Informed by the 85-million-word Oxford Corpus of Academic English
• Over 50,000 corpus-based example sentences
• 690 collocation notes show over 26,000 collocations (words that are used together)
• 120 Thesaurus notes, Language Banks, Grammar Points and Which Word? notes
• Word lists for four subject areas (physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences and humanities) that you can add to or edit
• Create and organize your own lists of favourite words
• Words in the Academic Word List are all labelled
• Hear all the words spoken by real British and American English voices
• Use Full Dictionary Search to find your word in any phrase, collocation or example sentence in the dictionary
• ‘Did you mean…?’ function and wild card search allow you to find a word even if you don’t know the spelling
• View History to see the last 100 words you looked up
• All the dictionary text is live – tap to instantly look up a word

Recommended for learners of English who are

• Studying academic subjects in English at university or college
• Studying on foundation or pre-sessional courses
• B1-C2 level in English (intermediate – advanced)

29.99 € *
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L'Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English s'empare du British Council ELTon Award

L'Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English a remporté le British Council ELTon Award de la catégorie Innovation dans les ressources d'apprentissage. Le prix concerne les éditions imprimées, sur CD-ROM ainsi que l'application iOS présentées lors de la cérémonie qui s'est tenue à Londres le 4 juin dernier.