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Lexikon 2k German-Swedish & Swedish-German Big Dictionary
The app contains fourteen well-known Swedish bilingual dictionaries for English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Czech, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Romanian languages and allows to experience the most advanced search, learning and translation features. 
Now you can make sure that a dictionary complies with your language level and contains all words you need before purchase. Full-fledged versions are available for buying with the in-app dictionary catalog.
22.99 € *
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English <-> German Slovoed Learner's dictionary with content from Oxford University Press
44.69 € *
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Lexikon 2K German-Swedish & Swedish-German Dictionary
7.99 € *
Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme
Langenscheidt Standard-Wörterbuch Schwedisch
24.95 € *
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Swedish <-> German Slovoed Compact dictionary
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Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme