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The New Redhouse Portable Dictionary English-Turkish / Turkish-English
English-Turkish and Turkish-English bilingual dictionary
Over 80,000 headwords, idioms, terms, slang words and proverbs
Syllabification of the English headwords and accented syllables
Phonetic transcription of the pronunciation of English words based on the Turkish alphabet
Examples showing the usage of words
Dictionnaires similaires
English <-> Turkish Slovoed Deluxe dictionary
21.99 € *
Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme
The Redhouse Portable Dictionary English-Turkish/Turkish-English
6.99 € *
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The Redhouse Pocket Dictionary English-Turkish/Turkish-English
3.59 € *
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The Redhouse Dictionary English-Turkish / Turkish-English
11.89 € *
Le prix peut varier selon la plateforme