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English<->German PREMIUM Dictionary
Dictionary German <-> English PREMIUM by PONS

The most comprehensive German <-> English reference work from PONS, with 930,000 headwords, phrases and translations!

 Who can really benefit from this app?

Professional users, such as teachers, students, translators, engineers, lawyers, computer scientists, medical experts, etc.

Do you read and write English or German texts, newspapers and magazines? Or do you frequently check on a word whilst reading or writing e-mails, letters, presentations, trade articles in English or German…focusing on the widest range of topics?
The PONS Dictionary German <-> English-German PREMIUM has been designed for professionals and offers quick and reliable help!

About the contents

• Current and comprehensive vocabulary containing more than 390,000 headwords and phrases and more than 540,000 translations
• With professional terminology from the worlds of business, computer science, law and natural sciences – the perfect aid for everyday business use
• Detailed examples of context and information about language usage
• Inclusion of all styles: from colloquial to literary
• Detailed examination of British and American language usage and of the regional differences in language that prevail in Austria and Switzerland
• Particularly well-structured layout with comprehensive entries
• Bi-directional: German => English and English => German
• With IPA phonetics

Search functions

• Look up words within seconds.
• Use the full-text search to find examples.
• Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to spell a word – the similar words or wild card search function will find what you are looking for.
• You can look up key words in any form you like – declined or conjugated (for English, French, Spanish and Russian).
• You can look up words when working with other applications, without having to switch to the dictionary software. The popup translation allows you to look up unfamiliar words, e.g. when reading e-mails, documents or websites on your Mac. All you need to do is point your mouse at the unfamiliar word.
• You can create and search your personal favourites.
• The history function enables you to retrieve words you’ve already looked up, with just one click.

Learning functions

• Pronunciation: you can listen to a wide variety of key words, recorded by native speakers (available for German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian).
• Lists of irregular verbs (available for German and English).

Customizable user-interface functions

• Fast access to the virtual keyboard.
• The app recognises whether you enter a word in English or in the foreign language and then provides the correct translation.
• Font size.

54.99 € *
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