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Barron’s Italian-English Bilingual Dictionary
A comprehensive dictionary with 230,000 headwords, phrases and translations.
Barron’s Italian-English Bilingual Dictionary contains 230,000 headwords, phrases and translations.

Do you speak with Italian or English friends in your spare time? Do you read or write in Italian or English as your second language in a wide range of subjects – either privately or professionally? Do you deal with Italian or English-speaking partners in your business or professional life?
Then the Bilingual Italian-English Dictionary from Barron’s is the perfect tool for you!

Who can benefit the most from this app?

Everyone who speaks either Italian or English as their second language, whether on a daily basis or occasionally, or as part of their job, or who translates texts into Italian or English

About the contents:

•    Bi-directional: Italian => English and English => Italian
•    Comprehensive, up-to-date vocabulary containing approximately 100,000 key words and phrases, and more than 130,000 translations
•    Includes exemplary phrases that show headwords in standard contexts
•    Provides information on language use and lots of other important information on grammar
•    Features info boxes describing culture, country, and people

Convenient search methods allow you to find any word in a number of different ways:

• General search
• Full Text Search
• NEW! Search for anagrams (bat-tab)
• Search within entries to narrow down and quickly navigate larger entries
• Wildcard search to find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling
• Similar words search in case of misspelling

Translate features:

• NEW! Full text search feature allows you to look up words more efficiently throughout the whole dictionary content, including headwords and usage examples
• Three input methods: Search by voice with Google Voice recognition service (Available for OS 2.2 and higher); take a picture of text and translate it with Google Goggles; or enter the word with your own handwriting using PenReader software
• Once the App has been opened, you can copy any word from another application (e.g., your browser, e-mail, clipboard) and look it up, as well as use the Share button for this
• Search for English headwords in any form you like (declined or conjugated)
• The dictionary provides translations in a Quick Search Box alongside other search results

Learning features:

• English and Italian audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.
• Use the free "Flash Card Quiz" app as a quick and effective way to learn the words! Add words that you want to learn to your “Vocabulary list.”
• NEW! Full linguistic information with declension and conjugation tables (for English)!
• Word of the day widget.

Interface features:

• NEW! Improved interface design with easy-to-access navigation and search field makes using this dictionary simple.
• NEW! Lightning-fast new engine allows dictionary entries to open as soon as you click.
• NEW!  Favorites -- to quickly access frequently searched words.
• Dictionary installation on SD card (Available for OS 2.2 and higher).
• Search History feature shows the last 100 words looked up.
• Hyperlinks between articles and directions.
• Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort.
• No Internet connection required.

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