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Our projects
Practical English Usage
Practical English Usage is a world bestseller and a vital reference tool that helps teachers and higher-level learners with common language problems in English. It is now available as an app, making it quicker and easier to look up the 600+ entries. The app has been developed by Oxford University Press and Paragon Software Group.
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Paragon Software develop bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, based on Slovoed technology for 35+ world languages. These languages include Chinese, Japanese, Thai and some other unique ones, which comprise quite a number of characters.
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Insight Guides Phrasebooks
Do you prefer to travel with a paperback edition or a mobile app? Now you can get both for the price of one! The Insight Guides Phrasebook paper editions now come with mobile apps offering the same digital content to provide more convenience and flexibility to mobile travellers worldwide.
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Russian Spelling Dictionary
The most comprehensive and authoritative «Russian Spelling Dictionary» by Prof. D. N. Ushakov is now available as an app — free with the purchase of the paper edition. Buy the reference guide «Russian Spelling Dictionary» and get a digital version for your mobile device absolutely free (the activation code included).
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Open Dictionary API Alliance
The Open Dictionary API Alliance (ODAA) is an open community of dictionary publishers aiming to create new possibilities for millions of people using electronic dictionaries on their mobile devices all over the world.
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