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Oxford Dictionary Indonesia
Do you speak Indonesian and want to learn English? The Oxford Dictionary Indonesia has been created especially for Indonesian learners of English. You can look up a word in either Indonesian or English to find its translation, hear English words pronounced, and learn how to use them correctly.

The Oxford Dictionary Indonesia is for elementary and pre-intermediate learners of English. It includes English definitions and Indonesian translations for over 24,000 English words, phrases and meanings.

There are also 13,000 examples, 1,100 synonyms and opposites, and 500 notes on spelling, grammar and pronunciation. Additionally, the 2,000 most important and useful words to learn at this level are marked in the dictionary as keywords.
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L'Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English s'empare du British Council ELTon Award

L'Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English a remporté le British Council ELTon Award de la catégorie Innovation dans les ressources d'apprentissage. Le prix concerne les éditions imprimées, sur CD-ROM ainsi que l'application iOS présentées lors de la cérémonie qui s'est tenue à Londres le 4 juin dernier.